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Great Ocean Road Tours


Great Ocean Road Tours: Discovering the Scenic Wonders of Victoria's Coastline

The Great Ocean Road tour is a classic experience for those visiting Melbourne or Victoria region, Australia. The 243-km stretch of Victoria state coastline winds its way through scenic vistas, top-notch beaches, coastal cities and stunning rock formations. The stretch is known for its fine food and wine and year-round visits are encouraged as each season brings with it a distinctive background.

What Makes Great Ocean Road Tours Unique?

Great Ocean Road Tours remain unique because the landscape is characterised by abundant natural beauty, European cultural heritage and adventure. Moreover, the journey itself provides its travellers with memorable views, recognisable monuments and wildlife such that they create a wealth of endearing recollections for people of all ages.

Departure and Itinerary

The tour starts from Melbourne, travels along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay, the official start of the scenic coastal drive, and then heads back to finish in Melbourne. Throughout the journey, Great Ocean Road Tours treats their patrons to morning tea at the most breathtaking Southern Australia beaches before heading out for some thrilling Great Ocean Road adventure.

Wildlife Encounters

Along the way, there are a number of opportunities to see native Australian wildlife in their natural habitat. Described by our guide as ‘the cute one’, adorable koalas can be observed snoozing in the fork of eucalyptus trees, while flashy birds of bright blue, green and yellow flit through the trees of the rainforest canopy high above.

Attractions Along the Great Ocean Road

Attractions along the route typify what the Victorian coast has to offer – world-class surf beaches, gentle forested walks in primeval rainforests, and the towering limestone stacks of the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park.

Tour Experience

Great Ocean Road Tours take special care in ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of their guests with ample space for everyone in the vehicles, and a wide range of modern facility outputs, such as supportive seating, temperature control and large viewing windows. Also, tour route personalisation helps each individual traveller explore attractions that suit their preferences and interests.

Booking Information

Reserving a tour of the Great Ocean Road is actually quite easy. You can choose from a selection of different packages by time length/cost, saying what suits your budget best. Either online or through a tour operator, your reservation will be easy and hassle-free as you are always assigned with all the details needed.

Why Choose Great Ocean Road Tours?

Great Ocean Road Tours is an award winning tour operator that runs trips along the coastal stretch while offering first-class service, expert local knowledge and discretionary excursions. Located in Torquay, where the Great Ocean Road commences, we run small group charters along the full length of the coastal route seven days a week. Tours are regularly sold-out. Whether it’s your trip of a lifetime or you just want a great day out at the most beautiful and stunning part of a visit to Down Under, Great Ocean Road Tours is your premier choice.

Safety Measures

But rest assured, at Great Ocean Road Tours, we ensure our guests safety is the most important aspect of our tour. From our guides to our vehicles, every aspect of our tour has been thought out to ensure your safety throughout your tour. Furthermore, we have a rigorous high standards safety procedures that we implement in every aspect of our tour to cater for any type of emergency or unforeseen event that might happen.

Environmental Awareness

Great Ocean Road Tours, as stewards of the land, subscribe to vision for tourism and a code of practice that seeks to emphasise the need to manage the ecological integrity of the regions so that they might be enjoyed for future generations. Environmental initiatives further reduce their own ecological footprint and emphasise the uniqueness and splendour of the experience.