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Expanded Services in Melbourne

Expanded Services of Signature Chauffeured Cars

Signature Chauffeured Cars is your answer for dependable, hygienic, safe and flexible car service transportation solutions. We provide our clients with the best in first-class ground transportation service, every trip, everywhere. Signature Chauffeured Cars has trained drivers, intinate knowledge of Melbourne and rural Victoria, and dedication to the highest standards of quality. We provide the very best for our clients. We invite you to take our ride for the journey you deserve.

Understanding Signature Chauffeured Cars

What Sets Signature Chauffeured Cars Apart?

But it’s a commitment that begins the minute you make a booking. Unlike a regular taxi firm, a company such as Signature Chauffeured Cars is a personalised service, geared to your individual needs. Whether you’re travelling on business, for pleasure or to a special event, the first step towards a successful trip that gets you where you want without any hassle, is booking a chauffeured car.

Reliability and Safety

Trained and Professional Staff

They are trained to drive safely and courteously, and able to deal with any challenges of urban and rural driving.

Knowledge of Metropolitan and Rural Areas

Whether you’re rushing to Melbourne’s CBD or exploring some quiet backways in the countryside of Victoria, our staff will take you there in the fastest time possible. Our people have a good knowledge of what roads to use and, if traffic or a roadblock slows you down, we know alternative routes to avoid it.

Flexibility in Services

Alternate Routes for Timely Arrival

At Signature, we never compromise on punctuality, and we never compromise on safety: our drivers receive constant real-time

traffic updates, and are experts at navigating the fastest roadways, so you always arrive at your destination on time.

Tailored Services for Different Needs

We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’, and we offer the right package, whether it is a quick pick up to the airport, a day trip to wine country, or a limo for a special event, you name it and Signature has it.

Passion and Dedication

Commitment to Quality Transfers

What distinguishes us is our commitment to provide not only a ride but an experience. The moment you enter a Signature Chauffeured Car, our commitment to the details, cleanliness and comfort will be evident.


When one books a ride with Signature Chauffeured Cars it goes far beyond a simple form of transportation – it’s a guarantee of reliability, safety and superiority. With a staff committed to each and every journey, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations with every booking you make with us.