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12 Apostles Tour

Unforgettable Journey to the Great Outdoors: Signature Chauffeured Cars' 12 Apostles Tour

Have you been waiting for a journey of discovery through some of the most beautiful spots in Australia? Then you've come to the right place.

At Signature Chauffeured Cars, we invite you to experience the beauty of the Great Ocean Road through one of our carefully designed trips.

Get to discover the wonder that is the Twelve Apostles. These stunning limestone stacks are set right on the coast of Port Campbell Parkland. Many thought it was a Wonder of the World and it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic places in Victoria state.

About the 12 Apostles

Formation and Geological History

The Twelve Apostles are a majestic reminder of the tremendous power of nature. Around 20 million years ago, the structures that we now know as the Twelve Apostles began to take shape when a combination of swells and wind set processes of erosion into motion. Over the millennia, what were once sheer seacliffs started turning into impressive limestone pillars, with each one standing about 150 ft high.

Origin of the Name

Named after an early settler who likened it to a happy mother pig and her piglets, this colonisation also bore the name ‘Sow and Piglets’ at first, before gaining the name we know today, bestowed by the disciples of Jesus. The geological basis of the rest is about 25 million years old, from a time when an inland sea stretching from the Heartland to the northern coast dominated the landscape. Millennia collected the remnants of all sorts of marine organisms, skeletons accumulating in the subsoil to create the geological layer that is now the Twelve Apostles.

Current Status and Significance

The hardships of weather, however, spared only eight of the 12 apostles, who stand as markers of time and witness to the relentless movement of time. Still, now they pull in tourists of the most diverse nationalities, tempting them to experience the raw force of nature first-hand.

Best Time to Visit

There is perhaps no better time to experience the Twelve Apostles than at dawn when the first sunrays of the day light up these ancient guardians in an incredible orange glow and transform the entire scene into a spectacle in living colour. It is then that your mornings become a photographer’s dream.

Exploring the Twelve Apostles

Scenic Walk Experience

Heading out on a brisk walk that’ll get you up and close with these epic geological structures, all the while enjoying the sights and sounds of Australia, are you looking to make that a part of your agenda? As you take in the sights of the magnificent Twelve Apostles along this route, the pathway will guide you along the contours of the coast, affording you great views of this rocky coastline and the assortment of limestone pillars which jut out from the seashore at various points.

Optional Helicopter Flight

An optional (extra cost) helicopter flight is the ultimate way to see them from above. Take off from Port Campbell and fly over the Southern Ocean to the Twelve Apostles. From the sky, notice how massive they are as you gaze down on the limestone pillars rising from the deep blue water. The white cliffs and caves along the coastline were stripped away by the eddies created by the waves crashing against the limestone.

Why Choose Signature Chauffeured Cars

Not all journeys begin the same way, nor do we intend to provide ordinary experiences. Our company, Signature Chauffeured Cars, is devoted to creating bespoke experiences that anticipate every desire and expectation of our discerning clientele. So, whether you’re embarking on a private tour from the comfort of your limousine and fuel your passion by viewing the finest artwork, exploring Netherlands’ architecture, or cruising along the roads of Amsterdam and its enchanting countryside, we guarantee that it will be luxury defined by our service as well as the luxurious limousines of our fleet.

Booking Your Tour

Explore the magical rock formations of the Twelve Apostles with Signature Chauffeured Cars. We endeavour to make your booking process as personalised as possible. So whether you prefer to walk along the gentle boardwalk or speed through the air in a chopper, our experts will orchestrate your personalised adventure.


In summary, if you visit the Twelve Apostles you will travel to get the essence of the wonderful nature- this experience will leave you a mark on your soul. By travelling with Signature Chauffeured Cars, discover your world and maximise your experience in the remarkable twilight of the world.